Management Structure
PSS Group controls the network of PSS subsidiaries and affiliates with a holding company structure. It has several strategic headquarters for all subsidiaries in planning and organizing corporate strategies to achieve autonomous management and greater speed.

The role of the holding company is to maximize corporate value and optimize PSS Group as a whole by performing the following functions:
  • Develop strategies for the group optimization
  • Commercialization of new technologies
  • Optimize the allocation of group resources
  • Monitor management within the group
  • Incorporate R&D planning and management
  • Nurture and build the group brand

PSSGPC Under the Holding Company Structure
PSSGPC, an international management consulting firm which offers technological services and outsourcing, presents better people, serving clients worldwide. Merging unrivaled knowledge, wide-ranging competence across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world's most thriving companies, PSSGPC works together with clients to assist them become high-performance businesses and governments. By enhancing our consulting and outsourcing expertise with alliances and other capabilities, we help shift clients forward in every part of their businesses, from tactical preparation to routine functions.

PSSGPC's Management Team is dedicated to working across the globe to accomplish mission success, develop service delivery, update IT, and alter business procedure to impel swift and sustained cost reduction, and renovate the workforce. PSSGPC brings together an experienced team of technology, business, and social visionaries ??business leaders who have a profound understanding about the vibrant economic and business setting.