Contact Optimization
Here at PSSGPC, we want to help you improve your customer care by optimizing your customer contacts as well as increasing your cost efficiency. This program offers:

Customer Care Indicative
Customer Care Indicative strives on extensive and unrestrained assessment across your organization's customer care environment using our proprietary tactics and industry information.

Agent Performance Indicative
Agent Performance Indicative addresses clients on how to understand their customer's behavior.

Behavioral and Strategic Consulting
Behavioral and Strategic Consulting steers on clients being able to understand their customer's behavior.

Multi-channel Automation Solutions
Multi Channel Automation Solutions pivots in helping our clients uncover the true behavior of their customers within self-service channels.

Contact Center Consulting
Contact Center Consulting attends to clients who are seeking to parallel their business operations with their strategic vision and core competencies while reducing operation expenses.

Customer Intelligence Services
Customer Intelligence Services directs on assisting you in increasing loyalty and revenue and in leveraging each stage of your customer lifecycle.