Website Development
Our Website Development service guides companies to their first step in venturing into e-marketing, which is creating a website. PSSGPC Expand provides highly customized, professional website design, content development and maintenance services. We have the technical expertise and the business experience to create: to incorporate with your delivery, billing and customer care to obtain a single holistic view of each client.

Corporate Websites

Corporate Website builds a basic website designed to boost customer goodwill, promote the company and supplement sales channel but does not provide options which lead to a direct purchase.

Marketing Websites

Marketing Website features an advanced website which has all of the features of a corporate website but is geared towards marketing the company's products and is also capable of e-commerce functions such as directly selling to customers.

Website Development Process:

Assessment highlights the initial phase of the web development process. This step ensures that the project starts on the right footing by understanding and evaluating the client's needs and requirements.


Proposal is the second step which is to document the client's needs and requirements as well as the agreed upon terms and conditions. A written agreement between PSSGPC Expand and the client would then be produced.


Detailing concerns are agreed upon with the client wherein, once the written agreement has been signed, the client is requested to provide all content requirements and necessary parameters. PSSGPC Expand will then create and document the website structure including the full site map, content requirements.

Creative Design

Creative Design is worked hand-in-hand with the client to establish the look, feel and functionality of the website, getting the client's feedback regarding the layout and color scheme, and making design alterations when necessary. Mock websites would be created and the client would be asked to evaluate them.


Development is initiated when the approved mock websites are given full functionality and are further refined in preparation for actual implementation. This is perhaps the most critical step since it requires competent programmers who can turn a concept into a reality.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance streamlines the final design by ensuring the usability and functionality of the website, and guaranteeing that all "bugs" are removed or corrected.


Launch is actualized once all the bugs are fixed, and the website is moved to the production servers. This is ideally done in conjunction with some other marketing campaign to fully leverage the effectiveness of the site's launching.