Consumer Support and Retention Solutions Services
Our Consumer Support and Retention Solutions assists businesses to address operational efficiencies in line with customer inquiries, which includes an all-inclusive outsourced business and customer support functions and services for in-house contact center operations highly focused on building customer relationship, addressing customer's churn, and increasing customer's loyalty.

Our Consumer Support and Retention Solutions organize an optimum combination of live agent support and automation to meet our client's performance objectives. Most importantly, we can meet the challenge of employing a set of distinctive and remarkably dedicated with multi-lingual skill agents.

Understanding and recognizing your customer is what customer service is all about which lead to a long lasting relationship. Thus, we deliver a powerful solution to optimize your customer's satisfaction and devotion.

Our Customer Support and Retention Solutions include:

The Offshore Solution service enables you to have a reasonable cost that can effectively eliminate the challenges and risks associated with offshore operations through our seamless and integrated network of offshore centers.

Direct Response

The Direct Response Solution service stimulates your inbound contacts through our dedicated agents' scripting techniques and strategies to efficiently dialogue with your customer.

Customer Loyalty and
Agitate Management

The Customer Loyalty and Agitate Management service enables our clients to know areas of feedback measurement, quality management, while understanding how their company's identify importance relating their customers' stated behavioral intentions.

Sourcing Option

The Worldwide Sourcing Option service provides a complete range of highly skilled agents combined with advanced technologies to improve costumer understanding for our clients in retaining life-long customers.