Feasibility Study Services
Our Feasibility Study Services gives the client an overview on the viability of his or her proposed venture, by giving a comprehensive and detailed analysis in order to identify the specific target market.

Our Feasibility Study Services include the following components:

•   Executive Summary

Executive Summary hubs in addressing the introduction and the value proposition of the business proposal. A brief and concise view on the proposal's potential in penetrating the identified target market would be thoroughly explained including the financial prospects.

•   Business Proposal

The Business Proposal focuses on the details of the feasibility study such as: the purpose of the product, product limitations, proprietary rights, governmental approvals, product liability, spin-offs, and production.

•   Market Research

The Market Research section focuses on coming up with viable marketing strategies (market positioning and promotional campaigns), and product promotion (product packaging, bundling, options, and cancellation and return policies).

•   Profit and Profitability

The Profit and Profitability section focuses on revenue projections in order to reach the ideal return on the client's investment including a comprehensive price and profitability analysis, sales estimate, and financial projections.

•   Plans for Further Action

Plans for Further Action, upon establishing the viability of the project, focus on the needed data in order to set-up the required conditions for the business plan.